Sunrise from Lantau Peak

Ngong Ping, 9 April – Early April saw the final hiking-cum-camping trip with HKPC before the weather hit the summer’s high. This time, it was a 934m hike up to the second highest mountain in Hong Kong to Lantau Peak. Fortunately we were sane enough to start from the Ngong Ping campsite which was mid-way up the mountain.

Saturday afternoon took us off to a wander around Tai-O Village before calling it an early night as the plan was to wake up at 2.30am for a 3-hour hike up to catch the sunset shots. Yay! I guess hiking up in pitch darkness, coupled with thick fog and a 2-feet visibility helped a lot in overcoming the mind-over-matter that the ‘trail was ending soon.’ We made it up to the Peak in about 1.45 hours and thereafter overloaded our system with caffeine before sunrise.

Sadly, sunrise came and went through some very thick fog. I learnt something that day. Patience. Given the non-event, everyone had decided to head back down the mountain after failing to see the sunrise they had wanted, save for the six of us who thought, ‘Oh well, we made it up, why not wait for another 20 mins.’ We were rewarded with one of the most spectacular sunrises I’ve ever seen. Here are some of the memories from that morning.


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