26 September 2011 — Death Valley, the hottest, lowest and driest location in the US, is a land of extremes. The Park stretches 3.4 million acres and across two states, California and Nevada.

Being there fascinated, yet scared me. The land was so barren and the sun, extreme. Just reading up on its history, this area existed some 9000 years ago where the climate was mild and game was plentiful but after 4000 years, its lake dried up. It got its forbidding name from a group of travelers in the mid-1800s, who before departing from their search of the California gold fields, cursed the valley and gave it a name,  saying: “We took off our hats, and then, overlooking the scene of so much trial, suffering, and death, spoke the thought uppermost in our minds, saying, ‘Good-bye, Death Valley.’

You can see more of the Death Valley pictures here.




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