5 Strangers

Hong Kong, 26 February — The Hong Kong Photography Club’s outing this weekend was to photograph 5 strangers. Inspired by the 100 Strangers Project on Flickr, our event organizers Anthony and Ling tasked some 70+ photographers with this challenge: of the 5 portraits, we are to capture at least one local face, one Western face and one Southeast Asian. That’s not the difficult part…the harder part (which would take some guts) is to find out what their story is!

So armed with my 85mm 1.4 (it’s such a nice lens for portraits), we set off in/around Victoria Park. Subjects were aplenty…but having the courage to ask someone what their story is, is another…story! In my excitement of fulfilling my challenge, I forgot to count so instead of getting 5 individual portraits, I got only 4 (that actually meet the criteria). In any case, I decided to share a few others taken as well.

5 onward to 100! (maybe I’ll make this my 2012 project…maybe!)


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  • Marco Veringa

    You should I am so amazed with both your and the others results….i think this is such a great project, and takes most of us totally out of our comfy zone….the results are great really!


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