Lake Como in Panorama

And, Como! thou, a treasure whom the earth Keeps to herself, confined as in a depth Of Abyssinian privacy.

~ William Wordsworth

May 2014 — And what a treasure you are! Our weekend getaway to the glacial lake in the Lombardy region in Italy that shows off a shoreline that mesmerizes everyone that visits.

Our biggest challenge was deciding on where we should use as our base – we wanted a town that was not only convenient to get to and with great connections to the other towns across the lake but also one not peppered with tourists. We decided on Menaggio, a beautiful town located on the western shore. I think our best find was the fabulous restaurant right next to our hotel – Il Ristorante di Paolo. We visited this restaurant every evening we were there – and for two nights in a row, I had my favourite pasta dish! But enough about the food. Here are my four favorite panoramas from that trip.


Bellagio, located at the tip of the Triangolo Lariano peninsula




Il Porticcialo from Piazza Garibaldi in Menaggio


Varenna, the eastern town situated across from Menaggio and Bellagio


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